Join the Workmen’s Circle

At a recent membership audit we confirmed that 30 of our members are over 90 yearsof age, while 60 of them are over 80. This is from a population of 218. Given that these results are better than many random samples of equal size from the general North American population, you cannot ignore the one inescapable conclusion that you should

  Join THE WORKMEN’S CIRCLE. ​​​​​You’ll live longer!

The Toronto Workmen’s Circle is a 112 year old Secular, Humanistic, Jewish organization, with emphasis on Jewish culture and the Yiddish language. For over 100 years the Workmen’s Circle has enriched the lives of many Toronto families. We are now accepting membership applications for the 2021 year. Meet like-minded people, attend concerts and lectures and engage in social activities to help us usher in our second century. For more information

 Please email or call (416) 787-2081or send us a message using the form on our ‘Contact‘ page.

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