76th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Featuring a presentation in English by historian Dr. Jan Grabowski, Professor of History at the University of Ottawa, specializing  in the Holocaust in Poland and Jewish-Polish relations during WWII-era Poland. Program also includes poetic and prose readings in English and Yiddish and songs by Avra Fainer and Brian Katz.  At the Toronto Workmen’s Circle, 471 Lawrence Ave W.

Working for social Justice and a Better World: Workmen's Circle values in action.

Linda Silver Dranoff , longtime Workmen’s Circle member and accomplished Family Law lawyer and author, speaks about her cultural upbringing and professional challenges. Introduced by Marvin J. Schiff, presented on Sunday March 17, 2019 at the Workmen’s Circle Centre, 471 Lawrence Ave W.

The Holocaust in Soviet-Occupied Territory: New Directions

Professor Anna Shternhis, director of the Anne Tannenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies and Professor of  Yiddish Studies at the University of Toronto discusses, in Yiddish, her discovery of previously unknown material in Russian archives about the Holocaust in Soviet-occupied territory. 
Presented November 4, 2018 for Neuberger Holocaust Education Week.
Co-sponsored by the UJA Committee for Yiddish, Friends of Yiddish and the Toronto Workmen’s Circle. 

WHITECHAPEL NOISE: Sex, Politics And Religion On The Streets Of London's East End, 1884-1914

Musician and author Vivi Lachs presents the Yiddish song and verse of pre-WWI London. 
Presented October 13, 2018 at the Toronto Workmen’s Circle
Co-presented by the UJA Committee for Yiddish and the Toronto Workmen’s Circle

The 75th Anniversary of The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Sunday April 22, 2018 at the Workmen’s Circle centre, 471 Lawrence Ave. W.

Event included poetic and prosaic readings in Yiddish and English by Workmen’s Circle members and/or their children, Yiddish songs by Avra Fainer, piano and guitar accompaniment by Brian Katz and a talk by guest speaker, Dr. Doris Bergen, the Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor of Holocaust Studies at the University of Toronto, whose research focuses on issues of religion, gender and ethnicity in the Holocaust and world War II and comparatively in other cases of extreme violence.

Tales from the Train: Sholem Aleichem 100 Years Later

In  honour the 100th Yortzait of the great writer’s death, the Toronto Workmen’s Circle  presented this critically acclaimed program of dramatic recitations (in Yiddish and English) drawn from Sholem Aleichem’s works, performed by the noted Broadway and film stars, Allan Lewis Rickman and Yelena Shmulenson, with the celebrated Yiddish entertainer, Shane Baker. The video is one of the 5 dramatic recitations and is presented here with the permission of the Congress of Jewish Culture.

In 2009 the Toronto Workmen's Circle celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the initial branch 220 in 1908. Included in this centenary was a reunion of former Camp Yungvelt campers. The video below showcases that reunion.

If you are a former W.C. Camp Yungvelt camper, I. L. Peretz School student, former W.C. Colony resident, former or current member or know someone who is and you haven’t heard from us, then please contact the office – (416) 787-2081 or wcarto@yahoo.com to add your name to our list.

5 short Camp Yungvelt films from 1968 to 1971

Colour War: Golden Mongols vs Scarlet Cossacks:

Swimming and boxing activities with visitors:

Counsellors perform 'The Sound of Music'

Last Day of Camp I

Last Day of Camp II

Scenes from 8 mm reels - the camp in 1930 - 1940'.

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